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The Moon in Cadance :iconblacko1:Blacko1 2 0
Thin Lines by Blacko1 Thin Lines :iconblacko1:Blacko1 1 0 Nearly a year later.. by Blacko1 Nearly a year later.. :iconblacko1:Blacko1 1 5
Those late
Wings folding slowly to her sides.
Solitude is a silly thing for her.
Wings, a dream, and grace.
Yet she remained the only who remained without a soul to care for.
Or rather, for her.
These clouds drift slowly, yet steadily...To everywhere and nowhere.
She chuckled at herself
When did I became Twilight?
Eyes cast over the edge. The height stares back.
Just friends. nopony else.
There she saw him.
And solitude began a relentless siege in her mind.
"Just friends...Nopony else.."
She repeated this senctence as she descended.
Her eyes on him.
It became hard to breathe, Solitude breached her mental gates.
"You know, I really like watching the night arrive. Like you do."
"Yes, I would watch the stars rise along their beloved moon."
"She has returned?"
"Yes, she has."
"Then. Take good care of her. Show her to friendship."
Silence ruled, the stoic defenders of her mind are driving the invadors back.
She re-composed herself.
"I just arrived here."
"Don't we
:iconblacko1:Blacko1 0 3
The Royal duel
Being the goddess of the sun is a task on it's own.
Being the co-ruler of a nation build on friendship, magic, hardworking ponies and pompous nobles is another.
Yet the routine was hardly a challenge.
- Raise the sun, and bask in it's warmth before the cinnamon tea arrives.
- Drink said cinnamon tea and meditate in advance.
- Reluctantly head to court.
Stiffling away a yawn, and making a last-minute re-composure. court was opened, thankfully her sister was at her side this time. even if the day started off with wishing eachother a good day and her sister made her way to bed. Soon, the sun princess found herself in the company of surly nobles and their grievances. The occasional muscisian raised her spirits with pleasing tones and serenades. Oh how she admired this sort of kind bravery always graced her court and brought a change of pace.
Alas, the day is nearing it's end. and one more remained at her court.
"Good afternoon my little pony, How may I help you?" She adressed the bowing fo
:iconblacko1:Blacko1 1 0
Balcony Love
"Tell me."
"Tell you what?"
A sigh into the night.
"How much I mean to you?"
"More then the worlds or my title..."
"That's cheezy."
"Aww come on! You really should give me more time to work with."
Blonde manes in the wind.
"I'm sure you do. I've seen you 'improvise'."
Blue eyes shifting from door to mare.
"Not this again."
"Yes this again."
A deep, long sigh from the stallion.
"You look so cute when flusterd."
White on red. The blue eyes narrow.
"Oh harr, harr..."
"Come here, you silly pony."
Hooves reaching for his, the moon shines brightly on orange. White against Orange.
"How come you are so soft? I mean, you are always busy.."
"Can't a girl be strong and attentive to looks alike?"
Another sigh.
A sniff.
"Pear and mango-"
"Don't say it."
She fixed him a half-lidded stare.
A giggle rang over the balcony and into the night. It sounded like a choir to him.
"You are one silly pony."
The white one puffed his chest out.
"What can I say? One needs to be good at -
:iconblacko1:Blacko1 9 23
Random sayings: Drink themed!
Upset guts? Vodka! Pain in your hips? Vodka! Broken heart? Vodka! Depressed? Vodka! Hangover? VODKA!
Beer in mind, this has deep mead-ing.
Ale makes sorry soireés into savvy shuffeling.
Whiskey or Wiskey? Your care will vanish after a glass.
Single malt, twenty years. Just like the ladies.
I am an eligible addition to the weather-team:  Mix a Curaçao Blue with two inches of sambuca, then carefully pour a hint of baileys cream ontop.  Stormy cloud!
It's not the drink what does numbers on people, it's their attempts at being funny, that do.
Stop breezing, start sophistication: Concaq for the evening!
When in perilous situations, remind yourself: There is vodka after every ordeal!
Too much blood in your alcohol is the result of too much alcohol in your blood.
Don't drink yourself in coma: There is not enough alcohol in the world to make her look pretty.
Beer after wine is a crime, wine after beer gives the girls a nice rear.
Don't drink like a boss or a G6. D
:iconblacko1:Blacko1 4 9
The mansion by Blacko1 The mansion :iconblacko1:Blacko1 3 8
L'amour d'autrui
I expect nothing less of it, this island is perfect to the tree-less features and waist-high grass. I can feel the strands caress my body carefully, as if to stroke the pain and memories away.
And for a moment, this works.
This island is small. But large enough to become lost, might it be so. I feel my being pulled towards the epicentre of Melancholgy hill. The tunnels carve out this paradise of lost dreams and dieing hopes.  I will make camp there. Out the wind, out the balefull glare of the moon.
Serveral months ago, I was at an wedding composed out of sheer bliss of the heart, the couple being wed vaguely seeps back into my brain;  The dark clad groom and his radiant white wife. It felt good to witness this. My chest warmed and my nervousity ceased even for a small time.
L'amour d'autrui they call it. 'The love of others'  which can be interprented in the solace found within the happiness of others together. Or simply the love for one's
:iconblacko1:Blacko1 0 3
Ohgoddesswhat by Blacko1 Ohgoddesswhat :iconblacko1:Blacko1 1 15
Luna's Punnight
It just so happens, that during the second month of the second week in seconds from the second
hour of midnight, The royal palace becomes the place to be for all F(p)un to be had!
Celestia smirked lightly as the thought passes her head, and closing her eyes she averted her
head from the golden clock on the wall. She should 'hit the hay'  as one would say.
However, a nagging feeling gnawed at her, Like she had forgotten something?
Princess Luna strode through the now-well-lit halls of the royal canterlot palace. And turned to her guard in escort of said princess.
"Pray tell guardsmare, doth thy knowest the time?"
The mare placed a hoof to her chin, before glancing towards the large clock at the end of the hall.
"A Quarter past Mid-cent."  
"I beg thy pardon?"
"I mean! A quarter past one, Madam."
Luna raised an eyebrow "I see...Art thy feeling well guardsmare?"
The mare vigriously
:iconblacko1:Blacko1 0 2
Mare Of the Moon-Rippler by Blacko1 Mare Of the Moon-Rippler :iconblacko1:Blacko1 6 8
'Embracing' the darkness
Alright, I may have already established my name as Redante Sandshifter. Vice president at the adventurer's club.
Something I didn't add, is that I have a dark secret.
So Dark even, that one requires a torchlight or an onhand unicorn.
Yes. I am tardy when it comes to replacing lightbulbs. No seriously. It's selective tardiness after the...Ah...incident. No, no, no! Not the kind that leave people dead by falls or bumping into cutlery! No, It's the broom cabinet for pete's sake!
But alas. I shall tell you what transpired that fatefull day. With a broken lightbulb. And a cabinet full of brooms..:
After having installed myself on the couch after a particulary long day. I found myself staring at the open broom closet in the hallway for a few reasons, One of these reasons was a big question mark about why the door was open. I closed when I left. After I cleaned up my latest pasta disaster. and that was just four hours ago!
Mystery senses heightend, my instantanious detective fedora is willed
:iconblacko1:Blacko1 0 1
A little moment of Reddy
Dear readers.
If you are part of a fandom, and that fandom is growing rapidly in size, and just happens to be about a subject many are obliged to disagree becuase, let's say,  it's from a children's show?
Or has your fandom based itself around an medicore show/game/movie or even a bad show/game/movie But you love it becuase it has something many do not?  
Do you not grow ever -so-  tired of having worked your fingers to breaking, your mind to pulp and your eyes to colourblindess on a piece of art for said fandom, only to recieve a full throttle insult upon it.  On which the basis is the actual -fact-  that you dedicate this beautifull piece (For example) to a show made for little girls.
No fandom is ever clean of sick minded individuals and yes some people are weirder then others, but isn't the diversity that makes the world alive?
And what kind of argument is "This is a show, it's not a religion!" It's the same as d
:iconblacko1:Blacko1 1 8
Launch Detected! by Blacko1 Launch Detected! :iconblacko1:Blacko1 7 13 Luminos Pike by Blacko1 Luminos Pike :iconblacko1:Blacko1 1 1


No Touching! [Flash] by 4as No Touching! [Flash] :icon4as:4as 15,293 4,259 Spike used adorableness... by QueenCold Spike used adorableness... :iconqueencold:QueenCold 1,036 469 Braeburn - Everyone's what for me? by Jamesieneko
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Braeburn - Everyone's what for me? :iconjamesieneko:Jamesieneko 34 16
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It's some year. 

especially some pretty durn silent year on my end. Kinda making a return to the living :P 

Been gone for too long. 

But I reckon I'm back, more or less.



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